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Why Smoothe Foods

A pureed diet is often recommended for tens of millions of people with swallowing, chewing or digestive issues. Every pureed recipe we create is for the individual who loves great tasting quality food. We only use the best ingredients. We do not add extensive fillers which creates a tasteless meal. Check out our ingredients and nutritional values Link to Menu. We care about the emotional part of nutrition too. Sharing meals is one of the fondest memories we all have. These memories should continue regardless of the twists and turns of our lives. Our delicious menu lets you embrace mealtime together again.

Convenient.  Nutritious. Delicious

Why Frozen Fresh: We ship your food frozen so it can remain the most flavorful. Quality and taste are also benefits of frozen food, which is far superior to shelf stable foods such as canned, jarred and powdered formulas. Often times, shelf stable foods require preservatives, as well as, double cooking which alters the taste of food. We hope you enjoy Smoothe Foods... the next best to fresh!

Why Kosher: We offer Kosher not only to accommodate families who keep Kosher but also the strict guidelines of food preparation are advantageous to all.

Kosher - Our products have either OU or OU-D Kosher symbol on the packaging. These symbols represent the standards set forth by the Orthodox Union (OU), the largest and most widely recognized kosher certification agency in the world. The reasons as to why people choose to eat Kosher varies from person to person, it may be for a religious purposes or for health and quality reasons.All of our products are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union, a kosher-certification agency internationally known for its high standards. Our products carry the OU-D certification symbol (the “D” stands for “dairy”).

Why Organic: Coming in 2016 - We will offer a variety of organic recipes for the wondeful benefits organic foods offer.