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Smoothe Foods For The Healthcare Professional

Competition is fierce in every business, especially in the patient care business. The most effective way to beat your competition and draw patients to you, instead of your competitors, is to offer something better and different. Smoothe Foods offers your facility the opportunity to do just that!

We will custom package for individual servings or bulk requests. We are a flexible company interested in providing foods that fit your needs. Whether you are a large facility or a small focused practice, we can work out a plan that will fit your goals.

A growing number of individuals suffer from GI issues as well as dysphagia caused by Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke plus a myriad of other conditions. People recovering from bariatric surgery or dental surgery are also a growing community.These patients require food that most facilities can’t prepare or buy that offers the patient a delicious meal for their nutritional needs with the added benefit of making them feel well taken care of. Why? Because special meals require additional labor, planning and special handling. Pureed foods are often the only source of nutrition that can be comfortably and easily consumed by this population and so often overlooked.

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Four ways we can help you stay ahead of the competition

Smoothe Foods offers you the opportunity to provide delicious, nutritious, all natural meals to your residents while they are under your care and when they return home. More and more people want better quality food, and will notice the difference.

1. Offer patients/residents a gourmet pureed meal
Take care of your residents like no other facility. Provide good nutrition, critical to your resident’s health. How many meals are returned uneaten because your patient simply cannot swallow or digest regular foods? In most cases they cannot express their limitations for eating regular foods. Offer Smoothe Foods as an alternative. We provide a delicious menu of meals to help you care for your patient's critical need for nutrition that will keep them and their families happy and healthier.

2. Family Recognition & Goodwill Referrals
Do you remember how your fondest memories always seemed to revolve around the food you enjoyed with your family & friends. Your patient & their family remember. Smoothe Foods will help them continue living those great moments. Their family will know that their loved one is being taken care of in a caring, supportive environment. Your patient can embrace meal time with our great entrees which make eating easy and delicious. Referrals are generated by offering what everyone else doesn’t. The best care…

3. Promote Nutrition as Part of Your Care Program
Endless studies, TV shows and press about the importance nutrition plays in healthy aging is a major concern for Baby Boomers and most of the population. Talk about how nutrition helps in the healing process is everywhere. Imagine the referrals you’ll get when you put Smoothe Foods on the menu! Let us conduct a Nutrition Awareness class at your facility. We can help educate your staff in detecting why a client is not eating regular foods. Nutrition is after all, even more critical when a person has an illness.

4. Provide a solution when they return home
Our mission, like yours, is to provide a superior experience for individuals in need of alternatives.
Your patients can enjoy great quality all natural meals instead of plain awful food, sugar laden shakes, canned, powdered or baby food. Providing the absolute best meal for those in need of pureed foods is often an overlooked need. We want to help your residents remember the outstanding care you provided, even when they return home. They are not just a room number… As a health care provider, offering Smoothe Foods is simply a continuation of caring about your patient’s physical & emotional well being. If you offer home health care, we can be your soft food provider too.


Convenient. Nutritious. Delicious. All Natural


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