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Smoothe Foods For Retail

Competition is fierce in every business and retail is no exception. The most effective way to beat your competition is to offer something new and innovative! Smoothe Foods offers you the opportunity to do just that!

If you are interested in a demographic that is growing exponentially for the next 20+ years, we have the product for you! The population with issues that require pureed foods due to all conditions is a fast growing market.

The prevalence of swallowing disorders, GI issues and the need for pre-digested foods increases with age. Currently, it is estimated that 10-15 million people suffer from dysphagia (swallowing issues) alone! With our aging population, this number will increase dramatically. Anyone with dysphagia, GI issues and a myriad of other conditions is potentially in need of a pureed meal. Individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, cancer, ALS, AIDS, MS, ML, gastrointestinal problems, surgery recovery, head injuries, side effects of medications, dental issues, bariatric operations, etc..require a pureed, smoothe meal for weeks / months / years.

Nearly 60,000 people die each year from complications associated with swallowing disorders. In essence, this is a home replacement meal solution for individuals or caregivers who provide care for their loved one with dysphagia or GI issues. Contact us to discuss how you can carry our line in your retail store – whether it is brick& mortar or on- line.

Why Frozen Fresh: We ship your food frozen so it can remain all natural. Quality and taste are also benefits of frozen food, which is far superior to shelf stable foods such as canned, jarred and powdered formulas. Often times, shelf stable foods require preservatives, as well as, double cooking which alters the taste of food. We hope you enjoy Smoothe Foods... the next best to fresh!

Why Kosher: We offer Kosher not only to accommodate families who keep Kosher but also the strict guidelines of food preparation are advantageous to all.

Why Organic: We offer a variety of organic recipes for the wondeful benefits organic foods offer.

Contact Us:

Smoothe Foods, PO Box 139, Huntington, NY 11743

Phone: 631-424-4005